Each year, decor trends change and introduce a ton of new features. Since 2020, soft, soothing colours and cocooning have been all the rage. In 2023, get ready to transform your warm and cozy style for a rather colorful and loud one. Some influences of calming and relaxing atmospheres remain, but you may now unapologetically overlap styles. The apartments in Espace Montmorency can easily be adapted to fit any style!

Here are the main interior design trends that will turn heads in 2023.

The japandi style

Have you heard of this hybrid of Scandinavian and Japanese design? The japandi trend is ideal to create a sleek and relaxing space. It is the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Go for pieces made of natural materials like linen, wicker, or bamboo. That could be a wicker rug, a bamboo lamp shade, or a linen throw blanket. Forget the unnecessary and transform any room into a minimalist space!


All the rattan decor pieces like storing baskets, chairs, hanging planters, or side tables are still very much fashionable in 2023; they harmonize well with zen, rustic, or even eclectic designs. In addition, rattan is a natural material that respects the environment and complies with sustainable development requirements. To emphasize the ecological feel of your apartment, simply mix rattan pieces with lots of green plants. To customize your luminous and modern Espace Montmorency apartment, just add a rattan accessory!

Nature indoors

Do you wish to invite nature into your home? Bring the life back to your rooms by inserting luxurious plants into a plant wall by mixing plants of different shapes and sizes. The term biophilic design is even used to describe this popular trend.

You don’t have a green thumb? No worries! Choose plants that are easy to take care of like Pilea, aloe vera or cacti. You could even go for artificial plants. What better way to reconnect with nature than to bring it straight into your home while also admiring it in the beautiful and green interior yard at Espace Montmorency?

Unconventional colours

This year, you’ll be enchanted by a variety of colours inspired by nature. It’s time to highlight your interior with some emerald green, ocean blue, and terra cotta orange. Go for colours that have a regenerant or vitalizing effect. In fact, a famous paint company has revealed its 2023 colour, a revitalizing teal blue called melt water. Old pink, olive green, greenish gray and greyish blue are also all trendy.


Would you like to integrate the curvy furniture trend into your home? Easy! Here are a few inspirations of curvy pieces you can look for to make your space equally ambitious and elegant:

  • Kitchen table;
  • Low coffee table;
  • Armchair, ottoman, or couch.

As for accessories, round mirrors and rugs are a safe bet.

Colourful accessories for your apartment

What about a colourful round rattan rug? This piece is the perfect representation of the 2023 interior design trends, plus, it adds personality to any room. Colourful retro light fixtures are also making a big comeback. Don’t be scared to venture into bright colours like yellow, red, and orange. Do you need inspiration? Browse the different furniture and interior decor stores closest to Espace Montmorency. You will certainly find a few treasures! Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from the colourful style of the our apartment project for some new decor ideas to bring into your home.


Checkers are making their way into our kitchens, the bathrooms, and even living rooms, to our greatest pleasure. This all-purpose pattern appears on dishes, tablecloths, cushion covers, curtains, and more! Choose between the classic black and white checkers or the more eccentric colourful checkers.

Combination of patterns

In 2023 interior design, anything is possible! Create a blend of different styles and mix up genres in your unique spaces. For example, decorate your living room with some checkered cushions, round furniture, and retro light fixtures, all with a touch of japandi style! There are no limits to what you can do. Let your imagination run wild!

Recycled pieces

Did you know that furniture and decor pieces are being made more and more out of recycled materials? In fact, brands are more aware of their products’ life cycle, which is to be expected in today’s age! By the way, this green trend is not about to fade away. Recycled items are much appreciated by consumers. There is also an increasing excitement from young people for 80s’ vintage pieces that can be found at flea markets. 

Custom pieces

Showcase your creative talents by creating your own decor pieces to personalize your apartment. This is a great way to save money in this inflation period, but also to make your space more unique. Get your hands on recycled furniture and add your favorite patterns, change the handles, or paint them a vibrant colour. Let your imagination run loose!

Create a space for you!

Regardless of the trend you choose to follow from the list enumerated above, the main goal is to feel at home in your apartment. Living in a space that fits your personality will make your daily life more pleasurable and comfortable. Don’t hesitate to check out the 3D view or our model units for some inspiration!