Located right in the heart of Laval, this unique project stands out for its connectivity to public transit and its proximity to various services and entertainment options. Whether you prefer to get around by bike, car or subway, Espace Montmorency is the ideal spot! You will even have the convenience of walking to Place Bell!


A prime location


Espace Montmorency is connected to Montreal’s underground network through the Montmorency metro station and provides quick access to major highways. As the cornerstone of a thriving neighborhood, the complex offers residents easy mobility across Laval, Montreal and the surrounding areas.

2 Min. walk from Montmorency Station
5 Min. walk from bus terminal
1500 Indoor parking spaces (See here)
Montmorency station

Not only is Espace Montmorency located adjacent to a metro station, it also shares its neighborhood with the new and modern Place Bell. This high-tech amphitheatre, along with a multipurpose sports complex, regularly welcomes top-tier world-class artists and athletes. Espace Montmorency vibrates with a cultural sense of community, providing a variety of services within an authentic downtown setting.

5 Min. walk to Place Bell
Place Bell
Shops and restaurants

In addition to an impressive and diverse range of shops available within the complex, Espace Montmorency’s central location provides access to a trendy and effervescent area, where shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and various services come together. From routine shopping to exciting discoveries, everything you desire is within easy reach.

2 Shopping malls

Espace Montmorency boasts a dynamic and inter-generational community that includes students from the numerous educational institutions in the neighborhood. Ranging from the campuses of UdeM, UQAM, and Collège Montmorency to establishments like Maison des arts de Laval and the Cosmodome, the area offers a lively and vibrant intellectual and cultural environment.

4 Educational institutions

Vibrant neighborhood to explore