Teleworking and hybrid work lifestyles are revolutionizing our lives. Reinventing work means choosing a healthy environment, optimizing your time, and giving yourself the right to enjoy yourself. Residents and visitors to Espace Montmorency can access a range of collaborative workspaces in this multifunctional project which help foster these trends.

Flexibility is key to achieving a better balance between our personal and professional lives. Espace Montmorency improves telework and hybrid work arrangements by providing residents proximity to key nearby services that can save them precious time in their busy lives.

Following are 5 ways a typical working day changes in this large-scale, modern facility.

Keep moving throughout the workday

Physical activity is an ideal way to fight traditional sedentary workplace lifestyles. Benefits you get from taking active breaks during the day include: 

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased productivity
  • Better performance
  • Improved physical and psychological health

Espace Montmorency’s numerous sports-related installations enable tenants to easily integrate exercise into their daily schedules. Forget “nine to five.” Be active when it suits you!

Residents get access to a “multi-sports” area that includes an exercise station, gym, and sports terrace, equipped with a running track, which they can use and enjoy in the morning before starting work, during lunch, or later in the day. Occupants who prefer water sports or aquatics can take advantage of a heated outdoor swimming pool.

Exercising has never been so easy!

Work from anywhere

Coworking areas have been proliferating in recent years. In the telecommuting age, professionals are increasingly looking for stimulating places that provide flexibility to arrange their work lives as they see fit. These targeted work areas provide users a break from isolation, enable them to meet other people from all walks of life, and to get access to well-furnished offices.

Espace Montmorency’s shared workspaces, which are available to tenants and visitors, offer inspiring decors and settings perfectly suited to teamwork and meetings. Rooftop terraces enable residents to work outside during summer months while enjoying a sublime view of a massive green outdoor courtyard the size of a football field!

Would you like to have lunch with colleagues? Espace Montmorency provides access to diversified gourmet offerings that will delight gastronomy enthusiasts.

Getting around hassle-free

One of Espace Montmorency’s major advantages is the easy access that residents get to public transportation thanks to the facility’s direct connection to the Montmorency metro station. This rental condo complex greatly simplifies travel needs for those who need to get to their workplaces in ease and comfort.

A practical underground passage connected to the metro enables tenants to avoid winter storms, difficult road conditions and traffic jams. This makes it much easier for Espace Montmorency residents to get to downtown Montreal for meetings with colleagues, team dinners or for a day at the office.

Espace Montmorency enables its residents to get around town efficiently and effectively without worries!

Have fun and enjoy culture

Espace Montmorency is located in the heart of a dynamic living environment, close to Centropolis, an open-air urban center that offers entertainment, gourmet pleasures and a variety of shops. Lovers, of shows and culture, hockey fans and skating enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the residential complex is also located just a few kilometers away from Place des Arts, and Place Bell.

You can also relax and take in some entertainment after a day of work, either alone or with friends and family at the Colossus cinema which is also located close to Espace Montmorency, or you can enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience at Carrefour Laval.

Espace Montmorency, Centropolis and Carrefour Laval also offer a wide variety of restaurants that will enable you to discover local and international cuisine.

Get closer to nature

Do you want a really different work experience? An outdoor nature area/courtyard the size of a football field which is open to everyone, provides the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of telework in the fresh air, or to use as a locale to meet with colleagues.

 “Green Desking” is a booming trend. Labor codes are being reinvented and everyone is increasingly free to work wherever they want. Stepping outside your self-imposed “box” will stimulate creativity and motivation. Working in a natural environment will also reduce stress and make you more productive.

At Espace Montmorency, when it comes to selecting the perfect office suited to your needs you will be spoiled with choices.

What you need to know about Espace Montmorency

Espace Montmorency has been designed to provide its occupants with all possible comforts and to promote their well-being. 

Selection Group leveraged a three residential tower concept to create an intergenerational living environment that provides residents with distinct experiences.

  • Rental condos: provide a family environment that fosters happiness and simplifies everyday life.
  • Premium rental condos: offer high-end rental condos, which provide experiences that recall a fine hotel, targeting independent residents aged 55 and over.
  • Apartments: promote lifestyles and well-being for students and young professionals.

In all, 717 units will soon be available for rent, near the metro and all services!

Espace Montmorency offers exceptional quality of life in the heart of a lively neighborhood that has a strong sense of community, and all amenities within walking distance or by public transit.

The Hoop, Waltz and Yimby residential complexes offer real intergenerational living environments where residents can evolve, either alone, or with family and friends. You will surely be charmed by these vibrant living and work spaces!