Espace Montmorency not only offers its residents the chance to integrate a real community, but also to enjoy an exceptional quality of life. This multifunctional complex is located in the heart of one of Laval’s most upbeat neighbourhoods. There are a variety of services and amenities available on site. Stores, restaurants, cafés, and bars are always a few steps away.

This dynamic urban living space also includes access to a busy inner courtyard and large green spaces. In other words, there is something for everybody! An underground passageway even connects the residents to the Montmorency subway, making their trips to and from Montreal easy and practical.

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Espace Montmorency, the largest private project in Canada

Did you know that this 1.3 million ft2 building complex is comprised of 717 rental condos spread across three distinct residential projects? In fact, Espace Montmorency is designed to meet anyone’s needs, aspirations, and passions through three different living spaces: apartments, rental condos, and prestige rental condos. These spaces were envisioned to offer its residents an array of services along with an ambience worthy of the city’s downtown area. The residents also have access to a variety of sports equipment to practice their favorite activities, common areas to socialize, as well as large green spaces to soak up nature’s beauties.

Espace Montmorency is also 335 000 ft2 of office space over 16 floors, and close to 115 000 ft2 of commercial space that features gourmet restaurants, fancy cafés, and trendy bars!

An innovative environmental approach

Not only is Espace Montmorency a multifunctional residential complex, but it is also a major eco-responsible project that strives for the LEED OR certifications. LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, which refers to an international excellence evaluation system recognized in 132 countries. Its objective is to lower environmental footprints and protect biodiversity.

Accordingly, Espace Montmorency was developed with the goal of offering the best there is in terms of energy efficiency, water management, sustainable mobility, and vegetation. As a token of that, a rainwater recovery system was installed to supply the toilets and urinals of the office towers.

The bold architecture was also made to exceed the usual construction environmental standards. The designers made sure to prioritize low VOC emitting architectural finishes to guarantee optimal air quality. In addition, the majority of the wood sourcing was made within the rules governing sustainable forest management.

An intergenerational living environment

Whether you are a student or worker, Espace Montmorency offers a tailor-made space that fits your needs! With all three unique residential projects, you are joining a vibrant intergenerational community, ideal for building fulfilling human relations.

You can choose between apartments, rental condos, or prestige rental condos according to your desired lifestyle.

The apartments target young professionals and students who wish to thrive in an equally trendy and green environment. In this complex, you will find a plethora of entertaining amenities such as an arcade area with a pool table and even a rooftop sports terrace!

The rental condos are aimed at young couples and families of all kinds who want to enjoy life to its fullest within a vibrant and welcoming community. You will be thrilled to discover the numerous amenities designed specifically for the entire family and your furry friends.

The prestige rental condos project was designed to fulfill the needs of retirees who want the best out of life, without compromise. To be a resident of the prestige rental condos is an experience worthy of the greatest hotels!

A diversified commercial offering

Becoming a resident of Espace Montmorency comes with the perk of being near a ton of services and stores! In the actual building, you can find restaurants with all kinds of menus such as Sésame, La Belle et la Boeuf, Milestones, Sushi Katsune, M4 Burritos, and Souvlaki Bar. Lebanese gastronomy lovers can treat themselves at Kababgy, and chicken connoisseurs will love to eat at either Olivia’s Authentic Chicken, Benny & Co., or Poulet Rouge.

The French bakery chain Ange Boulangerie can also be found in the residential complex. They offer a wide array of products, ranging from viennoiseries and pastries to pizzas and sandwiches.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t forget to stop at Chocolato, both an ice-cream parlor and a chocolate shop! There is also Presotea with their wide selection of bubble tea, and Starbucks with their heartwarming coffee.

Moreover, there is a grocery store in the complex for you to buy your fresh produce or ready-to-eat meals.

Completing the commercial offering currently available at Espace Montmorency is an eyewear clinic and a beauty institute.

Diversified common areas

Every common area was designed to give residents an incomparable quality of life. Within a few steps, you can find a heated outdoor pool, a verdant courtyard, exercise areas, and numerous terraces for you to lounge in the sun.

The outdoor green space is the size of a football field and is perfect for residents to meet up and relax, or even to work remotely in the afternoon. You can also find common areas specifically made for either the apartments, the rental condos, or the prestige rental condos.

For instance, the residents of the apartments can head to the sports lounge to socialize or hit the gym that is even equipped with a CrossFit studio for a workout.

In the rental condo complex, your kids will thrive in the playing area that was designed just for them. In fact, there is a common area for every member of the family: a lounge area with both a baby-foot and a pool table, a barbecue space, and even a grooming area for pets.

When you live in the prestige rental condo complex, you have access to a gorgeous spa on the rooftop terrace where you can relax and enjoy some quality time. You can also keep entertained with the golf simulator, the pool table, or the culinary classes. No matter your hobbies, there is something for you!

Stimulating shared workspaces

Whether it be for studying or working, the Espace Montmorency designers have created workspaces suited to each of our residential brands. From those workspaces, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Montreal. Well-equipped meeting rooms and office spaces are also available.

These different spaces will most definitely make you feel a real sense of community and allow you to meet people from all backgrounds. Do you feel like working in the fresh air? Choose to work on one of the rooftop terraces!

No matter if you are a student, a young professional, or a worker, Espace Montmorency will most definitely suit your lifestyle. If you feel like joining a community-oriented intergenerational community, you will surely be seduced by this major multifunctional complex!

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