Sustainable mobility is at the heart of the Espace Montmorency project and the lives of its residents, the workers in its office towers, and the customers in its shops.

Living or working at Espace Montmorency means reducing your environmental footprint and evolving in a living environment that fosters innovative and sustainable energy strategies.

Sustainable buildings are the wave of the future. According to research conducted by UQÀM Espace Montmorency features the key attributes that residents of sustainable buildings are looking for.

So, don’t wait any longer. Take a step towards fostering your well-being and your values!

Sustainable mobility is at the heart of the construction project

Espace Montmorency covers an area of 1.3 million square feet.  The architects designed an underground tunnel that will connect the facilities on this immense lot directly with the Montmorency metro station, which is located right beside it, to make it easy and comfortable for residents and workers to access and use public transit. Note: It only takes 20 minutes to get to downtown Montreal from the Montmorency metro station … including transfer time!    

bus terminal located in the immediate vicinity will also make it easier for residents and other Montrealers to use public transport, and to settle in the suburbs.   

There will also be around a hundred charging stations available for those who own electric vehicles 

Bicycle enthusiasts will also be happy. There are more than 800 bicycle parking spaces on the site, as well as a maintenance station and the complex is located near numerous bike paths. As if that were not enough: the office towers feature changing rooms and showers that workers can use! 

Residential towers designed by Selection Group

Espace Montmorency combines energy efficiency and comfort. Everything has been designed to promote the well-being of occupants, including the workspaces, shops and the residential towers.

Working or living at Espace Montmorency means enjoying an exceptional quality of life, anchored in the heart of downtown Laval, with all amenities at your fingertips.

Selection Group has devised three residential project concepts intended to provide residents with distinct experiences. This creates an intergenerational living environment where people of all ages can meet each other and communicate daily. These concepts include:

  • Rental condos: designed to foster family living, provide happiness and simplify everyday life.
  • Premium rental condos: a collection of high-end rental condos, which recall top-of-the-line hotel experiences, that appeal to everyone. 
  • Apartments: designed to make students and young professionals feel at home.

In all, 717 units connected to the metro and close to all services will soon be available to rent. You are sure to find a rental condo that meets your needs!

Espace Montmorency’s diversified rental apartment and condo offerings enable real intergenerational living environments where you can evolve independently, with family or with your friends. If you want to join a lively community feel free to come talk to us!

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