Espace Montmorency is a true ecosystem. Imagine people of every age enjoying its planted terraces and impressive interior courtyard together.

Through its incredible range of sports and cultural activities, restaurants, bars, cafés, retailers, and green spaces, everyone will be able to enjoy the advantages of an urban lifestyle in the heart of Laval.


335,000 sq. ft. ― 16 floors of Category A office space


Up to 145,000 sq. ft. of retail space


Upscale dining, fancy cafés or trendy bars. Relax and enjoy!

Green Spaces

Take advantage of both planted terraces and an impressive interior courtyard


1,500 indoor parking spaces


A wide variety of services for both residents, professionals and the public

Organically Integrated Outdoors

Discover one of the many interior and exterior green spaces Espace Montmorency has to offer. These private and public zones not only allow you to reconnect with nature, but to reconnect with others. They’re perfect for relaxing your pace a bit, refocusing on what’s important, and nurturing great ideas.


sq. ft. of office space


sq. ft. of retail space


sq. ft. of green space


indoor parking spaces

Intelligent technology integrated into your life style

A Balanced Life

Achieving work-life balance is becoming more and more of a challenge in the lives of today’s young professionals. In order to create an equilibrium and enable visitors, workers, and residents to flourish in every aspect of their lives, Espace Montmorency offers a dynamic ecosystem in which workers can find everything they need to be happy! The project’s advantages are numerous, starting with its central location close to public transportation and major highways. In addition to seeing their commutes made easier, professionals will benefit from smart technology that allows them to manage all of their activities and schedules with the help of an easy mobile application. Furthermore, thanks to its well-thought-out architecture which optimizes the amount of natural light through the integration of wall-sized windows, Espace Montmorency creates a professional environment that completely redefines office work.